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We have been a fan of LUCY for some time now because she has a unique trait which separates her from the pack - that being her no fear approach to experimentation and ability to delve into different genres and produce amazing results. So we sent local writer and photographer Queenie to East London to have a chat and see what makes her tick..

Ok, so first of all...I've seen you achieve a lot and come so far since you released your Locations EP, what is your secret? What advice would you give to budding DJ's and producers in order to blossom in the music industry? L: Thank you, I don’t think I'm by any means doing well enough to be giving out tips on how to blossom! I’ve still got a long long way to go before I’ll be happy with my progress if I’m honest. However, at the beginning it was progressive to make sure you send and promote your music to friends, family, strangers and anyone that will listen. Make sure you cut out as many distractions as possible and work as hard as possible.

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Q: So let's go back to the very beginning of your musical journey. When and where did you first start DJ’ing and producing and what influenced you to do so? L: I’ve been producing and DJ’ing since I was fourteen at a Youth Club in Bristol called The Basement which I went to three times a week. I’d always loved electronic music before that and would read Mixmag a lot. Jungle, DNB legend DJ Dazee worked at Basement at the time and was the person that taught me the basics of DJ’ing and really through that, I decided that was what I was going to do with my life.

Q: Do you reckon as a producer it’s important to have your own unique sound or explore many styles? I noticed you began working with 140 and Grime but now you've explored R&B, Soul and a variety of electronic music genre's. L: Yeah, I definitely think it’s important to have your own style, there are so many people producing that it’s easy for your music to get lost otherwise. My attention span is short and I never listen to one type of music, so when I go to make my music there’s always elements taken from all the things I’ve been listening to.

Q: Who are your favourite producers and DJ's at the moment and why? L: Producers and DJ’s I’ve been playing a lot are LSDXOXO, Sully, Glume & Phossa, Architect (Prestige Pak) and B:Thorough, to name a few. There are too many favourites to mention to be honest.

Q: You've played a variety of nights, festivals and radio stations within the past year. What's going to be the next move you make? Any exciting projects in the making?

L:There will be a few more visual and audio projects at the end of this year and beginning of next.

Q: I can't wait to hear what you have next in store. As a creative myself, I often find it hard to come up with new idea's once I've produced masses of work. How do you help yourself get over an artist block? Where do you go to for inspiration? L: I sometimes find it is better to look outside of music, watching documentary’s and reading books on artists and designers etc... finding and recording sounds in weird places or just producing so many tunes good OR bad that you have to come up with something ok eventually.

Q: Thank you for taking the time out to answer all my questions. Last but not least - where can we catch you performing next? L: Bristolians can find me at the ESO X CNCPT night on the 9th of November, Londoners can find me at SGT Pokes night EPISODE on the 8th of November. I’m also blessed enough to be playing in Paris on the 3rd with Sepia and Jook. 

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Interview and Photography by Queenie Matthews

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